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We're Focused On Your Bottom Line.


Maximize your recovery with smart, aggressive, and cost-effective collection services.

We See The Big Picture


Collecting debt is always a numbers game. You need to balance the costs of collection against your anticipated recovery. To do so, you must be fully informed of your contractual rights, the debtor's defenses and all potential sources of recovery. We are here to help.

Understand Your Claim. You must understand all of your rights and remedies to maximize your recovery. If your claim is secured, we assess the priority of your security interest and the sufficiency of your collateral. If your claim is unsecured, we explain how it would be treated in bankruptcy and how to best collect against the debtor's assets.  

Leverage Bankruptcy. Sometimes bankruptcy can help your collection efforts. We help creditors file proofs of claim and represent them in bankruptcy litigation, including prosecution of non-dischargeability (11 U.S.C. ​§ 523) and denial of discharge (11 U.S.C. ​§ 727) claims.  

Avoid Bankruptcy. Other times bankruptcy can impede collection. We help creditors determine whether the automatic stay applies and, if so, help them obtain relief from the automatic stay to continue with collection.

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