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Get Your Business Back On The Right Track.


We leverage the bankruptcy system to power and accelerate your turnaround.  

Unlock Your Company's Potential

Businesses struggle with debt and cash flow for an infinitude of reasons. Correcting course requires a clarity of thought that can be difficult to achieve when you are constantly putting out fires. We are knowledgeable chapter 11 attorneys who can handle your legal issues so you can focus on what you do best.


Identify Your Challenges. We work with your management team and accountants to diagnose your immediate legal issues and the underlying causes of your financial difficulties. The more specific, the better. The goal is to create a plan of reorganization focused precisely on your business needs.    

Know Your Rights. Before reorganizing, businesses must know their legal rights and obligations. We review your contracts, investigate whether you have any legal claims to pursue, and then explain how the powerful tools of chapter 11 bankruptcy can facilitate your turnaround. 

Plan With Focus. The plan governs your future relationships with creditors and proposes new payment terms. It should address your immediate legal issues and long-term financial struggles. The plan should be based on realistic financial projections and enable you to not only survive but thrive.   

Negotiate With Creditors. It is always preferable to build consensus and persuade creditors to vote in favor of chapter 11 plan confirmation. When necessary, however, creditors' objections to plan confirmation can be "crammed down" (i.e. overruled) so long as your chapter 11 plan satisfies all requirements of the Bankruptcy Code.


Execute. Once your chapter 11 plan is confirmed, it is time to execute. We help debtors with post-confirmation matters, including claim objections and transaction documentation. If necessary, we can assist with motions to modify the plan or for entry of discharge upon substantial consummation. 

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