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Your Fiduciary Duties Require The Best.

We help chapter 7 trustees investigate and fully administer bankruptcy estates quickly. 

Start Fast. Finish Strong.


Chapter 7 trustees have a heavy case load and numerous responsibilities. They need dependable counsel to help them administer bankruptcy estates as thoroughly and quickly as possible. 

Experienced and Dependable. Every bankruptcy estate presents unique challenges, whether its finding undisclosed assets, prosecuting litigation claims, or negotiating with secured creditors. We have represented many trustees administer bankruptcy estates in a timely and cost-effective manner.  

Thorough Investigation. We know where to look for assets and have the accounting acumen to sift through financial reports and bank statements in search of litigation claims and avoidable transfers. 

Timely Administration. Estate administration should never languish on account of the trustee's attorney. We give your cases the attention they deserve.

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